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Deeper Look

Price includes:

6 Consultations

        1 x 120min session

        1 x 90min session

        2 x 60min sessions month follow up

        2 x 60 min sessions bi monthly follow up

Spiritscent session valued at $110.00


This package is for YOU who wishes to dive deeper into your health with guidance, facilitation and heart to address and work with chronic health issues that need more longer term support. This journey of 6 -12 months working with me can make significant and profound changes to your life and health. We will work on your physical conditions as well as your mental and emotional conditioning and patterns and how they more deeply influence your health and life choices. 

Chronic immune/ auto immune / inflammatory conditions, PCOS, Endometriosis, fertility work, chronic Gut issues, anxiety/ depression etc.  


You will get:

* A comprehensive health assessment

* wholistic diet and constitutional food and lifestyle recommendations that will make lasting changes and design the diet that will become your lifestyle and medicine. 

* Iridology assessment

* an opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, using your physical and mental symptoms to go deeper into the why they are present and learning from the gifts that they bring. Doing this can alleviate and improve the way you          feel dramatically. 

* develop acceptance and a deeper respect for yourself. 

* my presence, skill and full support as we navigate the challenging and gritty parts of ourselves that are hard to face. 

* gift -Spiritscent session (see website) valued at $110.00 



Payment plans available on request. Upfront deposit of 50% of total before or after your initial consultation, to be sure you wish to work with me for this length of time.

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