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Fresh Perspective


Price includes:


          1 x 120min, 2 x 60min

Complimentary herbal tea and essential oil roll on blend valued at $35.00 at your third session.


This package is ideal if you have a health issue that needs some work and you need a few sessions to get on track. For the health overhaul , fresh perspective and new start you may need to feel yourself again. 

Pick up your immune system function, deal with digestive issues, hormone balance, menstrual cycle balance, detox and cleanse your system, skin issues, stress and nervous tension etc.

You will get;

* A comprehensive health assessment

* wholistic diet and constitutional food and lifestyle recommendations

* Iridology assessment

* a new found perspective on your health and direction forward

* an opportunity to connect with yourself, your health and your path. 

* gifts - a hand blended Herbal tea specific to you. A roll on essential oil blend individually prepared for you. 

Price includes consultations, excludes medicines. 

Payment need to be made upfront or after the initial consultation, when you are sure you would like to go ahead.

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