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First Aid Natural Medicine Pouch. Second edition

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

There we are going about our daily lives, on a walk or bike ride, on holidays or just out and about and … life happens, accidents and mishaps happen, children fall ill at nightime with fever or earache, get knocked over, get shocked, get stung, are teething, cranky, crying and emotionally upset, not sleeping… These scenarios are regular realities for all parents and it’s tough.

Being a mama and herbalist, I felt so blessed to have a whole host of natural medicines on hand at home and in my clinic, but they weren’t always accessible at the very moment I needed them - usually they were at home or in another bag! I began to build a kit of the remedies I used most and put them in a zipped pouch; this pouch began to expand as I added more remedies I knew I would use, packed with band-aids, steri- strips, alcohol wipes, and creams.

After many requests from mama friends (or fellow parents) asking if I had first aid kits, I decided to design and produce the First Aid Natural Medicine Pouch.

Born of a wish to give people a go-to kit that goes beyond the cream and band-aid and grounded in years of experience as a herbalist, natural therapist and mother, I wanted to make a kit for parents who wanted to learn more about and use natural medicines for themselves and children. It would be something to have on hand at all times, a little bit of everything you need for everyday minor emergencies, mishaps and onset of illness.

This kit is intended for parents who wish to use a wholistic approach, learn more about and apply the use of traditional natural medicine in the home.

And here it is! It’s been in the bags of mamas since 2020 when my first edition sold like hot cakes. With great feedback and using the kit myself for years now, I have to say that it has become an essential item. I really don’t leave home without it when I’m with the children; often when we are out and about with friends, bush walking, bike riding or on holiday, someone invariably needs a remedy. I reach into my bag, pull out my pouch and the children know there’s something right there to support what’s going on.

Let’s walk through the kit.

First comes the medicine pouch that keeps all the remedies organised, together and easy to access.

I have made durable, washable, 100% cotton or linen pouches from recycled fabrics from friends’ and family’s fabric stashes. The pouch is easy to open, access the remedies, fold up and put in your bag.

Inside there are 2 compartments to divide the remedy types. There are quick reference cards inserted in each section with each remedy and their key actions/ words.

In one half we have a collection of 6 homoeopathic remedies that come up the most with first aid and childhood illnesses.

❖ They are Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Belladonna, Chamomilla and Pulsatilla.

▶︎ These remedies are useful in acute inflammation, fever, earache, teething, bruising, shock, sprains, bites, and stings, scrapes and wounds, colds, coughs, mucous, cranky, crying, emotional upsets, restlessness, sleeplessness, and much more.

In the other side of the pouch there is:

❖ a herbal and flower essence rescue remedy

❖ a herbal antiseptic and wound healing extract to use neat or make a wound wash or mix with one of the creams in the kit.

❖ 2 creams- ‘Mother’s Love’ herbal healing cream made by local cream makers Skindoona, and a papaya and calendula ointment made by PURE papaya.

❖ Clay and Charcoal powder to make a poultice for bites and stings, rashes, and where you need an external action of binding, absorbing.

❖ ‘Embrace’- aromatherapy roll on blend. A gorgeous, gentle, soothing and stress relieving blend.

The guidebook is a 55-page colour booklet with contents, introduction, notes on wholistic healing, how to give a homoeopathic remedy, guide on dosing, and remedy choosing tips.

Each homoeopathic remedy has a page describing the remedy theme, typical symptoms, what signs to look for in the person needing the remedy, and dosage instructions.

All other remedies have their page with directions on using, preparing and dosing, and how you can use them in different scenarios and with other remedies in the kit combined.

The kit pouch will last the duration of your children growing up and beyond. Everything in the pouch has at least a 5-year best-before usage and individual remedies can be refilled/ replaced as you need.

I have also included a little something special – step by step instructions and pattern for how to make a Star Child healing dolly. This is a beautiful and simple thing you can make for your child. The healing doll represents a calm, comforting presence. It represents their inner healer, and along with your words of empathy and encouragement that they will get better, it is something they can hold onto while you tend to wounds or cuddle up with as they lie in bed not feeling their best.

My children loved this when they were young and would ask for it in times of need. They held it as I tended to wounds or it sat like a guardian star above their bed until they were better.

And so, here it is, The Natural First Aid Natural Medicine Pouch available to you and in your bag ready to use. Pop over to the apothecary to purchase one. A wonderful gift to your self or a mother you know.

OUR DONATION- Everyone needs first aid and for some it is not as accessible and first aid can look different in different cultures, countries and situation.

When you purchase a kit, $5 will be donated to one of the following charities, to support healing and first aid supplies to these communities.

★ The Healing Foundation- is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that partners with communities to address the ongoing trauma caused by actions like the forced removal of children from their families.

★ UN women Australia- For women and girls fleeing war and disaster, there's no time to pack anything. UN Women works on the ground in emergencies providing kits containing the essentials. You are helping restore dignity to women and girls.

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