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If you're someone that would like to use natural remedies for yourself and your children, then the First Aid Natural Medicine Pouch is a MUST have. 


There we are going about our daily lives, on a walk, or bike ride, on holidays, or just out and about and…. life happens, accidents happen, children fall ill at night time with fever or earache, get knocked over, get stung or are teething, crying, cranky or emotionally upset and not sleeping. These are regular realities for all parents and it can be tough.


Born of a wish to give people a go-to kit that is grounded in years of experience as a herbalist, natural therapist and mother. I wanted to make a kit for parents who wanted to learn more, and use natural medicines, for themselves and their children. It would be something to have on hand at all times, a little bit of everything you need for everyday minor emergencies, mishaps and onset of illnesses.


The remedies cover the everyday bumps, bruises, cuts, bites and stings, fall, shock, finger crush and also acute illnes, fever, colds, teething, earache, cough, sleeplessness and restlessness. The remedies support the physical and emotional aspects


The pouch contains

🟡  6 Homoeopathic remedies; Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Belladonna, Chamomilla, Pulsatilla; 6C pillules

🟠  Rescue Remedy Blend: liquid drops 25ml

🟡  Herbal antiseptic and wound healing: liquid extract 25ml

🟠  Clay and charcoal poultice: powder 50ml jar

🟡  Aromatherapy 'Embrace': roll on blend 10ml

🟠  Calendula papaya ointment 10ml tube

🟡  Mothers Love healing cream 10ml tube

🟠  Remedy pouch: 100% durable cotton, lined, washable and easy to fold and fit in your bag

🟡  Quick remedy reference guide cards inside the pouch

🟠  A beautiful 62 page colour remedy guide book, to guide you in remedy choice, dosing, how and when to use the remedies. 

⭐️  PLUS a guide to how to make your own Star Child healing doll

First Aid Natural Medicine Pouch and Remedy Guide

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