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Walk with a sense of deep

wellness in the world.

With botanical medicines, wholefood nutrition, iridology and awareness based skills, allow me to support and craft a wellness path with you.

About Jessika

Welcome! I have been working in a clinical herbalist practice since 2003 at the Wholistic Health Group in Newcastle. Working as a herbalist means that I collaborate with you on your whole health; physical, mental, emotional and if you wish, spiritual. My herbalist practice roots are in traditional vitalistic herbalism balanced with current evidence based complementary medicine. 


I grew up with herbal medicine being used as an important part of the home first -aid kit and have wonderful memories of making herb creams and infused oils with my Swiss grandmother as a child. She introduced to me herbal medicine and showed me books on healing plants and how to make teas, tinctures and infused oils.  She shared her story of using herbal medicine with her breast cancer and how herbs became her way of life.  This experience planted a seed in me with a definite and growing interest in health, healing and a love for the  natural world. In my teens I turned vegetarian, made all my own natural cosmetics, strategically replacing my family’s cleaning and cosmetic products with natural ones and got everyone to try my home made tofu. 


When I discovered there was a college of herbal medicine in Newcastle it was clear that this study was on my path, partnering beautifully with the Fine Arts I was doing at the University. The experience of working with a herbalist for my own health in my early twenties, solidified for me that the use of botanical medicine and the wholistic perspective was a natural fit for me and one I wanted to study and practice.  


Twenty years on, I am a senior practitioner at The Wholistic Health Group in Newcastle, established my mentor Nancy Evelyn, long time herbalist and founder of the Newcastle College of Herbal Medicine.

With over fifteen years in clinical practice, I continue to enjoy working with a diversity of people of all ages, race and gender to share  knowledge of what can be done to improve and enhance your health and how to walk with a sense of deep wellness in the world. 

On the side, I love to practice yoga, meditation, visual arts, growing a garden and medicine making. I am a mother of two children and follow a path of sustainability for the health of my family and the earth. I have a passion for supporting and coaching people through life and health challenges.

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Practitioner Training

I am a highly qualified practitioner. I have trained in Australia through colleges and universities. I have been under mentorship for over a decade which has greatly benefited my practice. I have professional membership with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. 


Over the years I have continued training and keeping up to date with herbal medicine practice as well as pursuing other areas of interest in training workshops, seminars and conferences. 

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I work closely with other health care practitioners in the fields of Acupuncture, Bowen, Kinesiology, Psychotherapy, Massage, Shiatsu, Osteopathy and your GP if required, working as part of a team. 

I work with The Wholistic Health Group, a collective practice in Newcastle. We are a dynamic team of practitioners working together to provide excellence in natural health care. (see website).

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*   Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Medical Science 2002          Newcastle College of Herbal Medicine

*   Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary medicine) 2008 Charles Sturt              University, Bathhurst

*   Bachelor of Fine Arts 2003 University of Newcastle

*   Certificate in Process Oriented Psychology 2014 Portland, Oregon


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