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Follow your sense, meet your spirit. 

An alchemical session to create your personal essence oil blend. 

This is a special creative session in which we explore your senses and do some deep nature dreaming finding the mind and spirit space that you would like to embody at this time. With this in mind we create a scent that most closely matches the qualities of that dream-space and as you wear and take in the scent you are transported to that feeling state in an instant. 

 It is such such an honour to go on a journey together, explore some inner dreaming and bring to bottle an olfactory composition of botanical essential oils.  You will leave connected, uplifted and inspired with a scent that is unique to you. 


Scent evokes an atmosphere and mood within and around us. It refreshes, invigorates and soothes us. Our wonderful sense of smell connects us to memories and feeling states. Our sense of smell triggers our Limbic system of the brain where emotions, memories, behaviour and mood is governed. 

Your Spiritscent will help you access the feeling states you wish to call upon at this time.

75min session including your SpiritScent oil - $110

Book this session now or buy this unique session as a gift certificate.

What people are saying about this:

My SpiritScent session was truly an enlightening experience. The journey to find the perfect scent was fun and exciting and wholesome.  I loved it and adore my SpirtScent personal scent.

Tess, Interior Designer

   Initially Jessika Schaad’s Spiritscent Experience is an hour long smorgasbord of scents and aromas. When I put my nose to the smells of the bush, the deep forests, flowers, herbs, fruits, all my senses wake up. Memories waken.  Vision and colour waken. A sense of space wakens. It is a delightful experience. Jessika facilitates the creation of a Spirit Scent specific to my needs of the moment. A personal scent that brings and holds balance as I live and learn my life.  For me Spirit Scent functions as a rapid way to reach deep harmony with the process of life.  I put a drop or two on my hands, rub them together, cup them to my face and breath it in. It’s magical.  People ask what scent I am wearing.  I say: 'go see Jessika'

Nancy, Herbalist

Jessika’s Spiritscent session was an intimate and interesting experience. It summoned my spirit animal to reveal itself. It also helped me rediscover things within myself that had lost its way - the wonderful comfort of my home has a scent. We captured all these essences in a vessel that I can now carry close to me. In times of uncertainty, I’m comforted by this scent that is so unique to me.

Juliana, Clothier

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